Willilams Creek is an urban stream flowing through East Knoxville, Tennessee. The Williams Creek Urban Forest was once subdivided undeveloped forested parcels next to the creek. Through the KUB Consent Decree, settled in 2004, funding was provided to purchase these properties and conserve them to make parkland.
TCWN purchase 21 parcels totalling about 5 acres and in 2012 the City of Knoxville put them in their parks system.

The forest had been used for many years as a dump site and invasive species had taken over the area. Since we started the project dumping has decreased by over 80%.

In 2013, TCWN contracted with WHISTLEPIG FARMS in Thorn Hill, TN for goats to be used as a form of weed eradication. We will run goats on the property for three years. Every year after the goats graze the property crews come in and clear cut the invasive species. Once the majority of invasive species are removed, we will replant native trees and other plants.

In 2014, TCWN purchased an additional 5 undeveloped, forested acres adjacent to the original parcels to make a 10 acre urban forest. Check out the design below. Courtesy of ELIZABETH EASON ARCHITECTURE.

If you have questions about this project, contact Renee Hoyos at renee at tcwn . org