Can't You Smell that Smell?

Learn about CAFOs here.

Factory farms (CAFOs) are invading Tennessee.

"[T]his is not farming. This is industry that is carried on at the expense of the people that live around it."

That's a quote from Henderson County, TN resident Jackie Washburn, who is concerned about the "agricultural monstrosities" that are bringing smells, traffic, and environmental problems to her hometown.

Animal waste from such facilities is a big concern for TCWN, especially since our General Assembly loosened regulations on them just two years ago. In fact, those looser regulations are precisely the reason that producers like Tyson chose to relocate to Tennessee instead of another state.

While groups like Sierra Club and TN Conservation Voters are lobbying in Nashville, YOU can be making a difference in your own community. Take a look at how residents are rallying to fight back against industry invasion on their Facebook page "No Tyson in Henderson County."

TCWN wants to educate Tennesseans about water quality in our great state and then EMPOWER them through tools and resources to make a change in their own community.

Earlier this year, we partnered with Clean Water for All Coalition and National Wildlife Foundation to produce a CAFO Fact Sheet with which we can educate the public - especially those legislators who may not fully understand the significance of their decisions.

Is there a CAFO near you? We want to know. Email us at [email protected]

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