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Water quality advocacy within Tennessee is only part of the big picture. Most of our state laws reflect federal policy established in Washington, DC. That’s where you find the big players in environmental advocacy, such as Natural Resources Defense Council and Food and Water Watch.

TCWN represents Tennesseans both in Nashville and DC. By joining national water quality advocacy efforts and appealing to DC legislators, TCWN ensures that the rights and needs of Tennesseans are considered.

So far in 2020…

In addition, TCWN regularly collaborates with the Mississippi River Collaborative, Mississippi River Network, Tennessee River Basin Network, and the Clean Water for All Coalition.

Next up, TCWN – with Southeastern Partnership for Forests & Drinking Water – is leading the planning for a statewide forum on source water protection. TN Department of Environment and Conservation, TN Dept of Agriculture, Tennessee Association of Utility Districts, TVA and many more groups are participating. One of TCWN’s ultimate goals is to create a mechanism for the ongoing funding of water quality improvements in Tennessee.

Clean water needs a NETWORK. Can you help support Tennessee's Network?

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