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TCWN stops Nestlé water withdrawal increase!

January 27th, 2009 by Dana Wright

In December TCWN submitted comments on a permit reissuance request from a Nestlé water bottling plant in Macon County.  The permit included changes amounting to withdrawing water during times of lower stream flow; therefore, an increase in water being removed from the stream for the purpose of bottling.  We drafted comments detailing the negative impacts an increase in withdrawal from Bennett Hill Spring and a tributary to Salt Lick Creek would have on aquatic life and habitat, not to mention the permanent loss of the water to the watershed and surrounding communities. 

Upon receipt of our comments along with those from TWRA and US Fish & Wildlife, Nestlé withdrew its request to alter its permit!  With a little input and a commitment to protecting Tennessee’s natural resources you can stop the degradation of our stream and waterways from private businesses.  Every two weeks TCWN provides a summary of permits proposed for altering or impacting our water resources.  Take a minute and look at those in your area.  If you see something you think will harm our water resources, let TDEC know.  Draft some comments and voice your concerns.  The waters of Tennessee belong to all of us and all of us can work to protect them!


3 Responses to “TCWN stops Nestlé water withdrawal increase!”

  1. Says:

    Way to go! Nestle has a bad habit of damaging watersheds - despite their insistence they’re “good stewards” - and it’s nice to see watershed concerns prevail.

  2. TCWN Blog » Blog Archive » TCWN stops Nestlé water withdrawal increase | Stop Nestle Waters Says:

    [...] the TCWN Web site: In December TCWN submitted comments on a permit reissuance request from a Nestlé water bottling [...]

  3. Morgan Says:

    Hoorah!! Permit comments DO have power!

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