Next Meetings: A status update on the relicensing process will take place January 11, 2001. A session will be held in Maryville, TN from 2-4 p.m. at the Chamber of Commerce building, and an evening session will be held in Robbinsville, NC from 7-9 p.m. at the Courthouse. A meeting for the Recreation workgroup is currently being scheduled.

Flow Studies: Flow studies for fisheries and whitewater on the Cheoah River took place in June and July 2000. For an account of the boating study, with photos, see the whitewater report. Tapoco is also preparing a video of the whitewater study.

A release also occurred on the Little Tennessee River below Calderwood Dam in October 2000 in order to study fishery resources. For photos please go to the page for Calderwood Dam and Bypass.

Technical Advisor Refused: Tapoco has refused to fund a technical advisor for the involved Coalition groups. Such funding is common in relicensings to assist participants with technical expertise and communications.

Tapoco's Relicensing Website : Tapoco has recently created a website for the dissemination of relicensing information. Many of the study plans can be downloaded there.

Scoping Document 1
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Coalition Letter on the APEA Process

State of Tennessee's comments

Asheville Citizen Times Article

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