Function of the Technical Advisor

1. Serves basically as staff support for non-governmental organizations
2. Coordinates the involvement of the NGOs
3. Represents them at meetings
4. Drafts position papers on their behalf
5. Keeps them informed of relicensing activities

Why is a Technical Advisor Needed by the NGOs?

1. Needed for the NGOs to participate constructively in the relicensing process
2. Relicensing process requires a considerable commitment of time and resources
3. Resources of the magnitude necessary for active and constructive involvement are simply not available to the NGOs.

Technical Consultant/Coordinator Skills

1. Expertise in the FERC licensing process
2. Background in river ecology including fisheries science, hydrology, water quality, and aquatic organisms
3. Expertise in the NEPA process
4. Background in hydropower generation
5. Background in electric utility economics
6. Excellent oral and written communication skills
7. Excellent facilitation skills