TCWN employees implement clean water objectives with leadership from the Executive Director and governance by a Board of Directors.

But most of all, we stand with all Tennesseans to demand cleaner groundwater, lakes, rivers, and drinking water. 


Kathy Hawes

Executive Director

Kathy Hawes became the Executive Director of TCWN in September 2018. She began her career at TCWN as the Coordinator of the Mississippi River Collaborative. Now she enjoys applying the knowledge she gained about the science of water pollution, the advantages (and limitations) of clean water regulations, the importance of community participation, and the value of improving the health of Tennesseans and Tennessee's beautiful waterways.

Kathy has over 15 years experience as a manager in a for-profit industry and uses the education she gained through an MBA program to improve grant execution, financial stability, and organizational leadership.


"Living in Kingston, where the TVA coal ash spill occurred in 2008, gave me first-hand experience with the devastating effects that threats to water quality pose, not only to our environment, but to Tennesseans both now and for generations to come."


Thomas Geissberger

Clean Water Team Director

Thomas is the Clean Water Team Director at TCWN responsible for managing interns, volunteers, and their respective projects. He also does much of the research into the current water quality issues that TCWN tackles throughout the state. 

An East Tennessee native, he has gained an appreciation for Tennessee's natural wonders from years spent hiking the Smokies, playing on the banks of the Tennessee River, and exploring the forgotten springs and stream tributaries in Knoxville and its surrounding counties.


He now seeks to use the skills and knowledge gained from his time as a Geology and Environmental Studies student at the University of Tennessee to protect those natural wonders. 





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George Proios

President - Board of Directors

gaproios (at)

Rutledge, TN

For more than 35 years George has been involved in various governmental positions related to environmental protection. For ten years, he worked for the New York Senate as Executive Director of the Long Island Water Commission and received four gubernatorial appointments for various positions.

George was the Assistant County Executive for Environmental Affairs for Suffolk County, and for ten years chaired the Central Pine Barrens Commission.

George retired to Cherokee Lake and is currently the Vice Chairman of the Cherokee Lake Users Association where he oversees the monthly water sampling program undertaken with Carson-Newman University.


Charlie Mansfield

Secretary/Treasurer - Board of Directors
Harriman, TN

Charlie Mansfield is an environmental professional with 35 years experience in a variety of manufacturing, commercial, and governmental settings. He has prepared wastewater, waste, and air environmental permits for private and governmental facilities and operated industrial wastewater treatment systems. He has worked extensively with local, state and federal regulatory agencies during air, waste and wastewater audits and inspections. He also has expertise in the sampling and analysis of air, soil, hazardous waste, radiological waste, and groundwater. 

Cliff Cockerham

Member - Board of Directors
Nashville, TN

Cliff Cockerham is the Executive Director of the Tennessee Chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility.


Henry Spratt

Member - Board of Directors
Chattanooga, TN

Henry Spratt is a Professor of Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science at University of Tennessee in Chattanooga. He has a Ph.D. in Microbiology from University of Georgia and was trained in classical, lab-based microbiology. Spratt’s work includes soil studies as well as water quality in freshwater and marine wetlands.


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