Reelfoot Lake-50 year Management Plan...

In the 1980’s competing uses of Reelfoot lake were causing a rift between the three managing agencies: The TWRA, TDHE (now TDEC) and the US FWS. Closer coordination of the management of Reelfoot Lake was required by all the relevant parties. A Reelfoot Lake Task Force was convened to develop a plan and get public input and support.

The Tennessee State Legislature ratified the Plan in 1988. Law required a 10-year update and the legislature has audit authority over any management decisions made by TWRA.

To date, TCWN has been unable to procure a copy of the 50-Year Management Plan. We do, however, have copies of the 10-year updates all of which are almost exactly alike. There is no evidence that TWRA has taken any measures to update their management activities or their thinking on management in the last 20 years.

Current work being done by TWRA is in direct conflict with the 50-year Management plan. This plan calls for the maintenance of 16 miles of historic channels. Currently, TWRA received a permit from the Army Corp of Engineers to dredge 45 miles of channel. The permit was issued after the work had started.




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