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Stormwater Monitoring

Investing just 24 hours per year, you can make a difference in your community. Take 55 minutes every two weeks to drive around your neighborhood or past your favorite stream, and report flood conditions or clean water violations to the Tennessee Department of Environment (TDEC) or the local authorities. You may see mud flowing off of a construction site; one stream, ditch or drain discoloring a stream or lake; or other Clean Water Act violation just driving to and from work. You can do something about it.

Sediment and nutrients from construction sites and agriculture are the leading pollutants of our rivers and lakes. TDEC and city and county authorities are responsible for protecting the quality of our water and the safety of our communities. These agencies do not have the resources to visit many of the construction sites in your area.

Look below for brochures on how to identify good and bad erosion controls AND who to call in:

Shelby County
Hamilton County
Knox County: Knox County residents may also want to contact Knox County Clean Water Alliance at

When you recognize a threat to water quality in your community, you might consider writing an initial complain to TDEC informing them of the location where the stormwater pollution is occuring and describing what you saw on the site. It is always helpful if you can provide photo evidence with your letter. If you are requesting/ demanding attention to the pollution site, you will be required to write what TDEC calls a 118a complaint letter. We have posted templates for both of these types of complaint letters, but be warned that TDEC has up to 90 days to reply to your letter.

Templates for official complaint

Initial complaint

118a complaint to the commissioner of TDEC