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Hoyos To Tell EPA To Protect People Not Profits On Regulatory Reform Teleconference

Tennessee Clean Water Network Executive Director Renee Hoyos will be one of 150 people to speak at an EPA’s Office of Water (OW) public listening session on OW regulatory reform schedule for 11 AM-2 PM (EDT), Tuesday, May 2, 2017.

“I intend to tell the EPA’s Office of Water that the current regulations in place help protect the health and property of people all across the United States, and that any reform of these important regulatory measures should go through the already established procedures for change,” Hoyos said of her agenda for the listening session.

“Any change to the regulatory framework should only be made after extensive research and public input on the topics, and not driven by an artificial deadline of a new administration. These regulations should be not relaxed for the convenience of industry, but should continue to help protect the nation’s waters that provide drinking water for millions of people and provide economic development through recreational opportunities for many as well,” Hoyos added.

EPA’s OW is hosting this public listening session to solicit proposals for OW regulations that could be repealed, replaced, or modified to make them less burdensome as required under Executive Order (EO) 13777. The focus of this listening session will be on water actions only.

According to EPA, Tuesday’s event will start with brief remarks from EPA and the remainder of the session will be dedicated to those selected to make public comments. The web conference will be at Interested participants may sign in 15 minutes before the web conference starts. The online meeting room can accommodate 1,000 participants. Slots will be allotted on a first come first serve basis.

Participants in the web session will be able to listen to a broadcast of speakers from the teleconference line through their computers, and will be able to submit written comments. Transcripts of all written comments will be submitted to the docket.

Individuals wanting to make comments to EPA on this issue can submit input to the EPA-wide docket (docket number: EPA-HQ-OA-2017-0190). OW will give equal consideration to input provided through any of the methods above. For more information on upcoming public engagement opportunities offered by other EPA offices please visit:

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