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A primary goal of TCWN is to build the capacity of citizens to be effective advocates for their local watersheds. By providing information, resources, technical assistance, and other support, TCWN is empowering citizens to take action locally and provide a forum for greater communication, networking, and coordination around the protection our state’s waters.

Outreach and Communications

TCWN utilizes a variety of outreach tools to reach citizen groups and other members of the river community in Tennessee.

Goal: To educate the citizens of Tennessee on their environmental rights and the opportunities they have to exercise those rights.


  • E-news : TCWN publishes an electronic newsletter every two weeks to individuals and organizations with up-to-date information on news, action alerts, events, resources, public notices, public hearings, and other items of interest related to water quality in Tennessee.
  • Website: Our window to the world. We have acquired a consultant to help us update and revamp our website.
  • Public speaking engagements: the Staff and Board of Directors are often asked to speak on behalf of TCWN. We take that time to educate the public on water resource issues,citizen rights, and other programs of the organization.
  • The Tennessee Watershed Watch TCWN’s quarterly newsletter has informative articles educating its members on water related issues.
  • Other writer’s forums – The Staff and Board of Directors are often asked to contribute articles to local newspapers and newsletters of other non-profits. We are working on ecuring a monthly column on water-related issues in the Knoxville Sentinel, the Metro Pulse and the Hellbender Press
  • Press releases and press conferences–TCWN issues press releases and holds press conferences on breaking news regarding water related issues.
  • Tabling at Events –TCWN will table at environmental and other related events to educate the general public on water related ssues. We will be reaching out to the motorboating, fishing and hunting groups as new venues to educate the public.
  • Conferences – TCWN will periodically hold conferences to address specific water resource issues, to provide training to river activists, and to convene watershed leaders in the state. TCWN will also participate in conferences related to our programs, organizational development, and other waterresource issues.
  • Hearings – When appropriate, TCWN will attend hearings to express the interests of the public.

Outcome : a more environmentally engaged citizenry.

Watershed Group Assistance

TCWN values the important role that local citizen groups play in the protection of Tennessee’s watersheds. We will continue to work with these groups in the following areas:

  • Capacity-building

By providing information, contacts, and direct assistance, TCWN will provide needed organizational development support to new and exisisting watershed groups across the state

  • Issue-specific assistance

TCWN will provide resources, contacts, and direct assistance to groups seeking assistance with specific watershed protection issues.


TCWN understands the importance of working collaboratively with a variety of partners to fill empty niches and to strengthen the likelihood of positive outcomes. These efforts improve our ability to act as a “network” for clean water issues in the state, as well as build recognition of our organization and our leadership on these issues.

TCWN will make it a priority to maintain existing partnerships and broaden our network to include a diverse set of allies.

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