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Great Looks and Clean Water!!!

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March 25, 2014


Great Looks and Clean Water!

Help TCWN Protect Tennessee’s Rivers and Lakes By Visiting Aveda Salons in April


Knoxville, Tennessee – As part of their annual Earth Month Celebration in April, participating Aveda Salons in Tennessee will be donating a portion of their proceeds to help the Tennessee Clean Water Network (TCWN) protect drinking water by improving water quality in the state’s rivers and lakes.

            “TCWN is honored to be the designated organization for the Tennessee Aveda salons this year,” said TCWN Executive Director Renee Hoyos.  “Aveda’s mission of helping to improve water quality and to provide clean drinking water for people both in the US and around the world matches our mission.  We appreciate their willingness to support organizations such as TCWN through their salon giving program.”

            “The work we do to clean up creeks, rivers and lakes as well as forcing municipalities and companies to honor their clean water permit commitments is expensive and time consuming.  Every donation to TCWN counts, so I encourage all Tennesseans to visit their nearest Aveda salon in April for a great look while helping to protect water quality in our state,” Hoyos added.

Allysum Mire is the Executive Director of Sales for Tennessee with Neill-TSP, the Aveda distributor in the Volunteer State.  Mire said that Aveda has been celebrating Earth Month since 1999 and has raised more than $32 million for a range of environmental issues in that time.  “Since 2007, Aveda has focused on the issue of clean water and has raised more than $26 million for water projects in many places including Florida’s Everglades, The Rocky Mountains and the Gulf Coast.  The donations from our customers also help get clean drinking water to families in the Far East, India and East Africa,” Mire added.

“Aveda is committed to environmental leadership and developing botanically based and effective products since the company was founded.  Earth Month is an important way to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and help raise awareness and funds for critical issues like clean water,” said Katie Calloway, Aveda’s Earth Fund Director.

Joshua Cunningham, TCWN’s Sustainability Coordinator, has been working with the staff members at the individual salons to explain the important work TCWN does in protecting the state’s rivers and lakes and how that protects the water everyone drinks.

“I explain that Tennessee’s rivers and lakes are the primary source of drinking water for most Tennesseans,” Cunningham said.  “There are decisions we make every day that impact water quality, and I am passing on this information to the hair stylists to explain to their clients. “

“For example, one of TCWN’s projects is to encourage people to use refillable water bottles as it takes three quarts of water and ¼ quart of oil to produce one quart of bottled water.   Not to mention the waste that occurs when all those plastic bottles are thrown away, sometimes thrown away on the side of the road.”

“TCWN is also encouraging individuals to fill those refillable water bottles with tap water through our ‘Bringing Tap Back’ project.  Using plain tap water is very environmentally friendly, and it highlights the need for clean, safe drinking water in the state.  The Aveda staff I have spoken with are eager to be part of TCWN’s work by raising funds for TCWN during the company’s Earth Month Celebration,” Cunningham added.

To find the Aveda Salon nearest to you, go to the company’s website at www.aveda.com.  More information on TCWN’s programs and projects can be found at www.tcwn.org.


About TCWN:

Tennessee Clean Water Network is a nonprofit organization created to advocate for strong policies and programs that result in more effective protection and restoration of Tennessee’s waters and to educate organizations, decision-makers and the public about important water resource issues.



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