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TCWN Doubles the Size of the Williams Creek Urban Forest in East Knoxville


Feb. 26, 2014 – Tennessee Clean Water Network Executive Director Renee Hoyos announced today the acquisition of several properties adjoining the Williams Creek Urban Forest which doubled the size of the nature site in East Knoxville.

                TCWN closed on lots on Daily, Trigg and Kurtzmn streets Tuesday, which totaled about 5 acres in size.  The boundaries of the existing properties in the Williams Creek Urban Forest total about 5 acres, and the new property doubles  the size of the forest to approximately 10 acres.  The Williams Creek Urban Forest is between Brooks Ave. and South Chestnut Street and bound by Biddle and Trigg streets to the east and west.

                “This is very exciting as we have been working on acquiring these properties for several years,” Hoyos said.  “This property is designated to be an urban forest restoration project that will return the property to its natural state in several years with passive uses including a greenway and outdoor classrooms included in the long-term plan for the area.”

                “These properties were purchased using generous grants TCWN received from the Aslan and Alcoa Foundations.  We appreciate their continued financial support of TCWN’s efforts to promote healthier communities across Tennessee.”

                Hoyos said TCWN will deed the new properties to the City of Knoxville for its parks system as has been done with the original five acres of property.  “Williams Creek is listed on the Tennessee List of Impaired Waterbodies for habitat alteration and e. coli contamination.  This project will attempt to remove the creek from that list of polluted waterbodies and make it more of a benefit to the surrounding neighborhoods.  I appreciate the help the City of Knoxville is providing in being a partner on this project.”

                The first step in restoring the property was the introduction of a herd of goats last summer to help control invasive weeds and plants.  “The goats are returning again this summer for some fine dining on the kudzu, privet and other invasive species growing on the property.  Using the goats is a very economical way to control these invasive species in an environmentally friendly manner.”

                “The goats will be returning again in the summer of 2014 to begin clearing put the underbrush on the new property.  We will also be using volunteer groups and inmate work crews from the Knox County Sheriff’s Department to help clear out the trash, tires and invasive weeds as well,” Hoyos added.



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Tennessee Clean Water Network is a nonprofit organization created to advocate for strong policies and programs that result in more effective protection and restoration of Tennessee’s waters and to educate organizations, decision-makers and the public about important water resource issues.  For more information, visit the TCWN website at www.tcwn.org.

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