Tennessee Clean Water Network (TCWN), a leading statewide advocacy organization focused on the protection and restoration of Tennessee’s waters, is seeking an Executive Director with demonstrated progressive experience in nonprofit management, environmental policy, and advocacy.   He/she will work with TCWN’s governing body, members, and stakeholders to effect the organization’s goals toward building the overall capacity of watershed groups in Tennessee and work for strong and effective statewide policies, regulations, and laws that protect and restore the quality of the state’s waters.  The focus of the Executive Director will  be management of the organization with emphases on fundraising, long-range capacity building, and continued maturation of a strong organizational infrastructure. The Executive Director will also have primary responsibility for overseeing TCWN’s policy initiatives including implementation of the federal Clean Water Act and other watershed related laws. The Executive Director will work with a  broad range of watershed, citizen and conservation groups throughout Tennessee on their internal capacity needs. The Executive Director will engage with governmental entities on the federal, state, county, and municipal levels, and with public or private entities, to affect watershed policies, and to mobilize public advocacy toward TCWN’s goals and objectives.  The Executive Director and staff will maintain and expand TCWN’s electronic, print and communication networks.




Major Responsibilities


Management and Fundraising

The Executive Director will dedicate at least 50 percent of his/her time to management and income-producing functions; he/she will:

¨     work with the Board of Directors to implement a strategic planning process as well as the organization’s annual planning documents;

¨     carry forward TCWN’s vision, prioritize issues, make commitments and elucidate roles;

¨     continue to build organizational capacity in such areas as directed by the Board of Directors;

¨     refine, expand and implement a long-range, diversified fundraising and membership program;

¨     ensure that TCWN administrative/financial responsibilities are consistently met;

¨     provide a monthly report of activities to Board on the 1st working day of each month;

¨     hire and oversee staff, including but not limited to Policy Director, Administrative Director, contract employees, and interns and volunteers;

¨     maintain an office as directed by the TCWN Board of Directors where he/she will conduct business.



The Executive Director will direct all ongoing and develop new program activities of the organization, based on guidelines established by the Board of Directors, and will be responsible for the following:

¨     develop relationships with existing and prospective watershed organizations throughout the state;

¨     become intimately familiar with Tennessee’s clean water policies, procedures, and programs under the framework of federal legislation, and acquire the ability to evaluate existing and proposed state policies;

¨     organize and facilitate TCWN meetings including workshops and an annual conference as planned by the organization;

¨     work directly with state officials as well as other governmental representatives, civic officials, and local communities as necessary to advance TCWN’s goals;

¨     set up and maintain appropriate communications with watershed conservation and environmental groups throughout the state to gather input, and maintain  public and community interest in state water quality related issues; and

¨     serve as the primary spokesperson for TCWN through a variety of media and work to secure appropriate coverage of the organization’s views, perspectives and issues.


Necessary Skills


As someone with demonstrated  leadership skills, the Executive Director should have:

¨     a  passion and enthusiasm to work on the advancement of environmental protection and watershed restoration;

¨     the ability to engage  a wide variety of citizen groups in an effort to  both strengthen their internal capacity, and  to engage them in advocacy for strong state policies, consistent with the goals and objectives of TCWN;

¨     a demonstrated ability to  interact with a wide range of entities, including government officials (at all levels),  general public, conservationists, donors , corporate officials, etc.;

¨     the ability to think strategically and work independently;

¨     an ability to obtain and administer funding grants;

¨     strong management skills including excellent organization and time management skills, with the ability to multi-task;

¨     a working knowledge of nonprofit management and organizational capacity building;

¨     insight into the legal implications of proposed actions;

¨     supervisory, facilitation, and conflict management skills;

¨     strong verbal and written communication skills;

¨     a working familiarity with office automation software.



A bachelor or higher degree in ecology, environmental science, natural resources management, urban or land use planning, public administration, non-profit management, environmental law, or a related field is required. Two or more years of progressive experience in nonprofit management, fundraising, financial management, board-staff relationships, volunteer organization, public relations and personnel management or related areas is a pre-requisite. Applicants should have experience in dealing with complex environmental issues, the ability to work independently, and the ability to work cooperatively with others regardless of philosophical approach.




Tennessee Clean Water Network offers a salary depending on experience (the applicant is asked to specify his/her salary requirements in the cover letter), generous vacation policy, and medical benefits.



Application Procedures

Please submit a resume and cover letter addressed to: Search Committee, Tennessee Clean Water Network, ATTN: Mary Bryan, P.O. Box 1521, Knoxville, TN 37901.  Electronic submission of this material is strongly encouraged.  Please e-mail these documents as attachments to [email protected]. All applications received by

July 31, 2003 will receive full consideration, and e-mailed submissions will be acknowledged.


Applications received after July 31 will be considered if the position has not yet been filled.





Mission Statement:  The Tennessee Clean Water Network is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated solely to protecting, restoring, and enhancing Tennessee’s waters and the communities that depend on them.


The Tennessee Clean Water Network  has two principle goals and objectives:

1)     to build the capacity of citizen watershed associations to be effective advocates for their local watershed through communication, technical support, coordination, and direct support; and

2)     to advocate for strong state policies and regulations that result in more effective protection and restoration of Tennessee waters.


The Tennessee Clean Water Network will work to fulfill its goals and objectives by:

·       advocacy for healthy  aquatic resources and  ecosystems, sound environmental policy,

·       strong legislation and active regulatory enforcement;

·       enlistment, support and active involvement of local communities and watershed groups;

·       education of Tennesseans on clean water and aquatic health issues;

·       promotion of vigorous, stewardship ethic toward our state waters; and

·       maintenance of a strong network and effective communication  with a broad variety of constituents and entities, on all levels.


Inquiry regarding this position announcement can be directed to TCWN at: [email protected] or

865-522-7007.  Additional information about TCWN may be found at http://www.tcwn.org.