TCWN Members

Proud supporters of TCWN span the state and represent the clean water interests of a wide and diverse network of individuals and organizations.

As a member of TCWN, you are part of a community of citizen advocates. Your support ensures that vital clean water programs continue.

Katie & Jim


“Our bond with TCWN is strong because of our shared commitment to clean water. We cannot imagine a time in the future when TCWN ceases to be a vital entity in our state. TCWN is a small nonprofit, but a giant force. We have witnessed and can attest to the staff’s hard work, persistence, and deep understanding of the issues that impact Tennessee’s water."

Dan C.


“These folks do a great job protecting our water resources, which are crucial for the health and welfare of our people." 

Mary M.


“The biggest thing that I love about Earth Month is sharing the story of Aveda and the TCWN. Most people are unaware of how much the Network does for our community.”


Use your time, talent, and passion to make TCWN's work possible.

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