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TCWN releases questionnaire on water issues to Gubernatorial Candidates

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Knoxville, Tenn. – Tennessee Clean Water Network sent questionnaires to the candidates for Governor of Tennessee.  The questionnaires focus on water issues from water efficiency to who should bear the burden of water pollution.  The four questions below were faxed and mailed to the candidates on July 15 and 16, 2010. The candidates have until July 26, 2010 to respond. Responses will be posted on the TCWN website at www.tcwn.org/2010gubquestions.

  • There has been a lot of work on energy efficiency in the past year.  In light of the amount of energy it takes to move water through our drinking water and sewer systems, would you support legislation requiring the use of water efficient technologies in new or re-development?


  • There have been concerns over the years regarding the amount of special interest control on state regulatory boards. Would you support efforts to limit these interests on oversight boards?


  •  Democracy requires the public be well informed and participate in decisions that affect their lives.  Would you support a process to better improve public participation in state government?


  • The Tennessee Clean Water Network has worked continually on the issues of enforcement against those who would degrade our beautiful rivers and streams.  In your opinion, who should pay the cost of pollution of our water resources, the public or the entity that caused the pollution?

Tennessee Clean Water Network is a statewide nonprofit water advocacy group.  TCWN’s mission is to organize Tennesseans to claim our right to clean water and healthy communities by fostering civic engagement, building coalitions and advancing water policy for a sustainable future.

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