TCWN has a new membership program!

Choose from any of the membership plans below and receive the benefits listed beside it.

Membership dues represent a vital part of TCWN's income.

Did you know that very few grants allow their money to be spent on administrative salaries or even basic essentials like copier paper or rent?

The basic overhead expenses required to sustain TCWN program work come from YOU.

Not only that, but when you become a member of TCWN, you become - in essence - part of a statewide neighborhood watch over Tennessee waters. When we advocate for your right to clean water - whether with the federal government, state legislature, water companies, state agencies, or local municipalities - we need your voice.

Our I-HEART-WATER Membership Drive is designed to benefit TCWN


That's why we added a statewide I-HEART-WATER membership discount program. With your I-HEART-WATER discount card, you will get discounts at participating retailers and outfitters statewide.  

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