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The Goats are Coming! The Goats are Coming!


For Immediate Release:  July 1, 2013

Contact:   Renée Victoria Hoyos – 865.522.7007 x100 or 865.607.6618 (cell)


The Goats are Coming! The Goats are Coming!


Knoxville, TN –


The Tennessee Clean Water Network working with WhistlePig Farms and the City of Knoxville will be using goats to clear invasive weeds on the Williams Creek Urban Forest. The goats will arrive on July 3 11:00 – 1:00, at 0 Daily St, Knoxville TN and stay through in the forest through October 2013. The press and interested parties are invited to welcome the goats to East Knoxville.


The Williams Creek Urban Forest properties were deeded to the City of Knoxville in June 2012. With support from the Aslan Foundation, TCWN has been able to work on restoring the creek and surrounding properties.  The restoration plan includes using goats to combat invasive species over a three year period, creating a trail through the property, acquiring additional properties to enlarge the urban forest and to work with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation to remove Williams Creek from the list of impaired waterbodies.


“I am very excited to see the goats finally get on the property.” Said Renée Victoria Hoyos, Executive Director of the Tennessee Clean Water Network. “The City of Knoxville has been a fabulous partner. They have been very supportive of this project from the beginning. We’ve been working together on a number of issues including closing Daily St to prevent more trash dumping and helping with the implementation of the trail.” 


Williams Creek is listed on the Tennessee List of Impaired Waterbodies for habitat alteration and e.coli contamination. This project will attempt to remove Williams Creek from the list of polluted waterbodies and create an interpretive trail through the forest.



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