Water Quality Fact Sheets

Water quality is a complex topic with myriad issues regarding pollution, restoration, protection, beautification, and more.

TCWN wants to simplify this a bit.

The following is a collection of Water Quality Fact Sheets. Just 1-3 pages of the facts, easy-to-read, plain and simple, fully explained. It is our hope to share these with you, with legislators, and with watershed protection groups across Tennessee that have a similar mission to TCWN's:  to identify, prevent, and remedy water pollution statewide. 

These are open-source documents. Feel free to rebrand or share with your members or neighbors.


Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) - or factory farms - are industrial operations that raise a large quantity of livestock in a confined space. Most people hear about CAFOs in relation to animal welfare issues, but these operations pose a constant and dangerous problem for water quality wherever they are.

MEA Algae 2.jpg

The Clean Water Act does not regulate agricultural runoff, which causes harmful algal blooms, among other problems. The law does, however, provide a mechanism to help states fund projects that reduce nonpoint source pollution. 

The Challenge, Vision, and Leadership that Launched EPA 50 Years Ago, by Paul Davis, P.E.

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