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TCWN Supporters

River Heritage Society

We wish to extend a special “thank you” to our River Heritage Society.

A major gift to the River Heritage Society ensures that when Tennesseans call, TCWN is there and can immediately respond to the challenges our communities face. Whether it’s direct organizing assistance or safeguarding tools for clean water at the state level, these gifts cement TCWN’s role in Tennessee as a major player in protecting the waters we live with and love.

The Goal of the River Heritage Society is to raise $100,000 to assist Tennesseans in protecting the waters they live with and love.

Join this society with a gift of $1,500 or more!

The Atticus Trust
Fred Heitman
Izaak Walton League
Janet King
Lifeworks Foundation
Mrs. Jack C. Massey
Jay and Jennifer Jay Mills
Scott Baer

Olan Mills II
National Resources Defense Council
Melinda Welton and John Noel (in honor of Nelson Ross)
Elizabeth Queener
Dennis and Judy McCarthy
Nancy Andrews
John Ross
The Sohn Family

Foundation and Corporate Support

TCWN would like to thank the generous funding from the foundations and corporations dedicated to improving the quality of our valuable water resources and assisting communities protect the waters they live with and love.

McKnight Foundation
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
ALCOA Foundation
Lyndhurst Foundation
Environmental Support Center
Ben and Jerry’s Foundation
The Evans Group

Community Shares
The Norcross Foundation Inc.
Clayton Family Foundation
Appalachian Community Fund
River Sports

River Saviors

Thanks to the River Saviors, who have donated $50,000 - $100,000 to TCWN!


River Guardians

We thank the River Guardians for their commitment and support in assisting Tennesseans protect the waters we live with and love. Join the River Guardians with your gift of $1,000 or more.

Arthur Grayson Josue Hoyos
Joe W. McCaleb

River Defenders

Become a River Defender with a gift of $500 or more!

Dixie Couts
Mary Lynn Dobson
Robert Loest
Kincaid Mills
Elizabeth Murphy
Carol and Kenn Piper
Axel and Jeanne Ringe
Alfred Roberts
Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association
Allen McCallie

River Champions

Become a River Champion with your gift of $250 or more.

Linda Gay Blanc and Marshall Peterson
Greg Buppert
Fredric A. Hamilton
John McFadden
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Smith
Tennessee Valley Canoe Club
Emily and Tom Yao

River Protector

Become a River Protector with your gift of $100 or more

Doug and Carole Allen
Mrs. Rachael Bliss
Mid South Fly Fishers, Judy Boston
Brookside Pharmacy
Mary Buckner and Jack Lyle
Gary and Gail Bullwinkel
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Cameron
Thomas Church
Trey Coleman
Nina Gregg and Communications Resources
East TN Whitewater Club
John Edwards
Bill Garibay
Dawson Gray
David Hagerman
Jere Hammond
Sandy Kurtz
Jim Ledbetter
Greig Massey
James McMillan
Andy Monfee
Morris Creative Group
Brian Paddock and Mary Mastin
John Peine
Mark Quarles Globally Green Consulting
David Reister
Larry Roberts
Ed Scott
Selma Shapiro
Barry Sulkin
Mr. and Mrs. Jill Templeton
Ann Tidwell
TN Parks and Greenways Foundation
Sam Venable
Tris West

River Advocate

Become a River Advocate with your gift of $50 or more

Don Barger
David Birdwell
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Blair
Daniel Boone
Boone Lake Association
Melissa Brenneman
Clark Buchner and Charlotte Fineberg-Buchner
Charles and Marion Burger
Gordon Burghardt and Sandra Twardosz
Mark Campen
Doris Carney
Mary Helen Clarke
Conservation Fisheries, Inc.
Mark Dunavant
Brad Rayson and Beth Eason
Linda Ewald
Mr. and Mrs. Angie Fields
Frank Fly
Dodd and Susan Galbreath
Jimmy Groton
Ralph Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Lucy Henighan
Frank Hensley
Hannah Howard Reed and Josh Reed
Renee Hoyos
Victoria Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Tom McDonough
Mike McMillan
John Moore
Josh Norton
Eline O’Leary
Frances Paris
Tom and Margaret Price
Ray Riciputi
Dean Rivkin and Brenda McGee
Jack Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rugh
Charles Saylor
Kary Scarborough
James Sessions
Will Skelton
Mr. and Mrs. John Stancil
Barbara Tigrett
Mr. and Mrs. Polly Tullock
Sara Walter
Sue A. Williams
Theresa Williams
James Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Young

River Friend

Your contribution of up to $50 makes you a TCWN River Friend

Richard Balk
Robin Ballard
Dane and Bonita Barger
Donna Bohon
Terri Brown
Mary Bryan
Angela Burgess
Grant Carter
George W. Cary
Fred Crisp
Donna Crutcher
Natalie Denton
Anne Dickey
Mary Fanslow
Dave Feldman
Raymond Finney
Dr. and Ms. Nathan Ford
Friends of the Nolichucky River Valley
David M. Gaffin
Jennifer Gerbasi
Sharleen Glass
Joe Gobelet
Birgit H. Goldfarb
Louise Gorenflo
Mr. and Mrs. Dorothy Hall
Lynn Hamilton
John Harwood
Hodgson and Douglas LLC
J. Randolph Humble
Karl Hunt
Will Johnson
Kathy Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Jones
Evelyn Keele
Dr. and Mrs. Abbas Kitabchi
Jamie Kridler
Nan Scott
Bob Lee
Melissa Lee
Mike Leventhal
Mr. and Mrs. Don Malone
Julie Manecke
Kitty Manscill
Neil McBride
John Meyers
Janice Mills
Aldea R. Misenheimer
Michael Moore
Martha Morgan
Tony Murchison
Natural Resource Services
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Norrie
Donna Norton
Henry Oehmig
Brian Overholt
Bill Owen
Donna Patroni
David Pelren
Wendell Pennington
Cortney Piper
Forrest Powell
Richard Quin and Sherry Beard
Kathleen Rodgers
Cynthia Rohrbach
Jamie Rowe
Dr. Alan Salomon
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Seiss
Anna Slagle
Seth Smith
Sally Stokes
Mike Trawick
Mary Trentham
Teresa Underwood
James Von Bramer
Julia Ann Walker
Steven Walsh
Gay Webb
Roger Webb
Carole Whitehead
Victoria Williamson
Wolf River Conservancy
Todd Zoblotsky
George Bunch
Tim Bunch
Pat Dotson
Eddie Fickle
Trey Hamilton
Patrick Johnson
Rosemary Martin
Nicole McCall
Joe Neighbors
Tommy Price
Vickie Privette
Peter Simeone
Chris Woodard