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Clean Water Policy Program

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TCWN plays an important leadership role in advocating for strong clean water laws, regulations, and policies in Tennessee. While our efforts are most intensively focused on Clean Water Act and Tennessee Water Quality Control Act implementation and enforcement at the state level, we are also engaged in national and local efforts.


TCWN works closely with partners at the local, state, and national levels, including NGOs, government agencies, elected officials, universities, businesses, and other allies, to advance policy positions and improve water quality.


The following policy areas have been identified as priorities for our efforts: 


New Clean Water Rules

Permit Watch

Wetland Mitigation Program

Tennessee State Legislature

Farm Programs



Other Resources:


Board of Water Quality, Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas Regulations (hydrofracking)

Administrative Rules


Much of this work is done in conjunction with our partner groups along the Mississippi River. Jointly we work as the Mississippi River Collaborative to on similar issues in our states. 


Water Policy Reports

Is there anymore room for pollution?  A report on TDEC's permitting program

2008 Enforcement Report

2009-2010 Enforcement Report

2011-2012 Enforcement Report


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