Bringing Tap Back

 Encouraging Tennesseans to drink water
instead of sugar-sweetened beverages by increasing
access to safe, healthy, and free public drinking water
and launching targeted educational campaigns.
TCWN works with eligible tax-exempt schools and community organizations to increase clean drinking water access through its Bringing Tap Back program.
Tennessee has the 5th-highest rate of diabetes in the
United States. 
Sugar-sweetened beverages are the single largest caloric contributor to diabetes. 

"I just wanted to let you and your people at Tennessee Clean Water Network know that it has been a pleasure for us at Hardeman County Schools to work with you on this clean water promotion. You did a great job of coming in to our schools and getting our students on board with this project. You educated us on the importance of increasing our water intake and replacing some of those other drinks (carbonated soft drinks) with water. The filtered water fountains/bottle fillers that this grant supplied for our county is still a big hit today. Our students are still drinking more water just so they can use these neat fountains. Your energy and passion about drinking more water was important in getting our students to buy in to the promotion, you made it fun and exciting for us to be involved. Thanks again for all your hard work to get Hardeman County Schools EXCITED about drinking water!"
– Randy Hill, Hardeman County Schools, TN

· Increase access to safe drinking water ?
· Reduce consumption of sugary drinks ?
· Reduce rates of obesity and Type 2 diabetes ?
· Reduce or eliminate lead and other pollutants from drinking fountains ? 
· Reduce single-use plastic waste ?
Tap Water as a Solution
Water is a zero-calorie, low-cost beverage. Drinking water decreases the risk of obesity and diabetes. Using refillable water bottles reduces plastic waste.
Bringing Tap Back to Schools is a 30-day campaign to encourage
clean water consumption by providing water bottle refill stations & fountains, reusable water bottles, and educational messaging
for staff and students that promotes healthy lifestyles.
Need a fountain?

If you are interested in the Bringing Tap Back program
for your school or community, download our program information below. 




for more information.

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