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EPA’s got a new ‘tude!

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

On this blog we’ve talked about the rumors of greater enforcement actions (see October 15 and August 5 posts). Now the Obama Administration has put their money where there mouth is and followed up.

What does this mean for Tennesseans? Well, we’re not being left out.  EPA issued a demand letter to the Knoxville Utility Board for illicit discharges (illegal dumping) of sewage from 2005-2008.  These dates are for the years immediately following our lawsuit.

Then yesterday we found out about an enforcement action EPA took against a developer for guess what?  Stormwater runoff to the tune of $350,000!  That is freakin’ huge!

Finally, we’re getting some relief!

Look out polluters - EPA’s got its game on!

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

This memo from EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson give us some reason to hope!

First that want to be more transparent. Second, they want to raise the bar for enforcement performance. And third, they want to provide information that is easy to read and understand by the public.

Fans, I have died and gone to heaven!  Wait!  It’s just a memo.  Let’s see how they implement this.  It’s in the implementation after all!