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Letter to Anon re: City of Chattanooga stormwater permit

August 3rd, 2009 by Renée Hoyos

Dear Anon from Chattanooga,

We received the TDEC notice of violation against the City of Chattanooga’s stormwater permit that you sent.  Verrrrrrrry interesting.  When I went to Chattanooga to speak to the US. Green Building Council last Wednesday, I stopped in the TDEC field office in Chattanooga.  I called earlier to see if they would prepare the file for me and it was waiting for me when I got there.

My, what a large file you have there, my dear.

I was actually pretty impressed with the file.  It looks like the field office in Chatt is on it. There were thorough notes from TDEC staff on the reports submitted to TDEC from the city.  The City does not seem to be following the terms of their permit.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot we can do about it. The permit is so loosely written that there is no real hook to do any meaningful citizen enforcement.  However, the permit is up for renewal. We understand that there is a task force looking at it.  The task force, if rumor can be believed, is made up of a lot of developers and industry and two environmental groups.  TCWN was not invited to attend.

When the permit comes out for public comment, we hope you will come to the hearing that will be held in Chattanooga.  We will let you know when that is, if you have signed up for the enews. To sign up for the enews, click here.

Thank you for alerting us to this problem. If there is something else we can do for  you, feel free to contact me at 865.522.7007 x100 or respond to this blog, if you don’t want to be known.




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