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Giles County Update

November 6th, 2008 by Renée Hoyos

I’ve just returned from Giles Co. where I spoke to the Environmental committee about water corporatization and options for grants if the spring stays in public ownership.

First let me say that the community has done wonders educating their decisionmakers on the evils of water corporatization.  Many members of the committee did not want to see the spring sold to an outside company.  My job was merely to bat in the final player and I think that was done. It looks like the majority of the county commission is supportive of keeping the spring in public hands.  Phew!!

However, Ice River Springs, a Canadian company still has their paper work into the state.  They are still players in Tennessee’s water market and frankly, until they leave, they will always be a threat.

We are still going to monitor the events of Giles County and update those to you.



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