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Stormwater enforcement ramps up

July 16th, 2008 by Renée Hoyos

The Stormwater Quarterly, published by the National Stormwater Center, talks candidly about stormwater enforcement. Recently, EPA lowered the boom on four large construction companies for polluting water. EPA is now under court order to establish national standards for the construction industry.

TCWN believes that if someone has to get a permit to pollute, he/she must monitor the water they are discharging into and keep their facilities clean. Up to this point, developers have never had to monitor their sites, take water samples or otherwise keep from polluting. Unlike, other industries that must submit daily monitoring reports, detail any violations and notify the state of the violations and how they plan to fix them.

Finally, the playing field will be level for all of industry.

For more details, The Stormwater Quarterly Spring issue .



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