Clean Water Conference

Dear Clean Water Activist,

1997 marked the 25th anniversary of the Clean Water Act. Much has been accomplished to address clean water issues, yet there is much left to accomplish. For that reason The Clean Water Network, The Foundation for Global Sustainability and the Tennessee Environmental Council co-sponsored a clean water conference in Nashville, Tennessee in March. This conference brought together clean water activists concerned about Tennessee's watersheds. In particular, the conference discussed how to influence the State of Tennessee as it implements and enforces the Clean Water Act in the future.

Some of the topics addressed at the conference

Tennessee's new watershed permitting procedures
Cumulative loading of point source and non-point source pollution
Wetland issues
The impact of animal feedlots on water quality
Impacts of forestry/forest management on water quality and discussion of Tennessee's silviculture exemption
Tennesee's water quality regulations and enforcement
Tennessee's new water quality standards
Tennessee Valley Authority non-power program

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