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Open Positions at TCWN

Mississippi River Basin Collaborative Coordinator

1. Proposed Duties

The Collaboration is seeking a full-time Collaboration Coordinator to be housed at the Tennessee Clean Water Network. The duties that collaboration members want the coordinator to assume include:

  1. Coordination of Full Collaboration meetings, including event planning, agenda coordination, and note taking;
  2. Participation on work group calls and taking notes on those calls (to be submitted for review by the workgroup and posted on;
  3. Serve as the contact person for the collaborative, including both external and internal;
  4. Support the Executive Committee, including convening conference calls and taking notes;
  5. Reimbursement and bill payment, including meeting expenses and other reimbursements determined appropriate by the collaborative;
  6. Communication with the McKnight Foundation regarding referral of inquiries to appropriate collaborative members, and logistics for meetings;
  7. Coordinate and support smaller meetings, such as workgroup meetings or meeting with national partners, etc.;
  8. Coordination of website development, and updating and maintaining collaborative website and listservse;
  9. Coordinate document sharing among the collaborative members;
  10. Serve as liaison between Water Quality Collaborative and Mississippi River Network;
  11. Aid in the communication of Water Quality Collaborative priorities to the general public and other audiences.

The Coordinator will be supervised by a committee (to be decided) of collaborative members and a representative of the hosting organization.

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