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Tennessee Clean
Water Network

123A S. Gay St.
Knoxville, TN 37902

Office: 865.522.7007
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There are many ways you can help keep Tennessee's beautiful rivers and streams clean for now and future generations.

We need members. We need to demonstrate to decisionmakers and legislators that we have the power of the people behind us. One way you can help us is to donate your money and your time.

If you don't have a lot of time, you can donate money conveniently on line. Click here to take you to Groundspring.

You might be interested in supporting our Clean Water Legal Defense Fund. This money goes to support lawsuits against polluters. TCWN does not take lawsuits lightly. We do not engage in saber rattling. Your support goes to pay for expert witnesses and other legal expenses. Lawsuits are expensive and many people do not have access to good environmental legal help. We are the only organization in the state with a staff attorney devoted to water quality protection. Simply select "Clean Water Legal Defense Fund" from the Program Designation box on our Groundspring account and that money goes into a separate legal fund.

Perhaps a large one time gift is too much? Consider monthly giving. We can set up an account to pull money from a credit card every month. You would be surprised how much $10 a month can help us out. Simply select "monthly" on the "frequency option".


Do you have time on your hands? We love to have volunteers help us out. You don't have to be in Knoxville to do it! We need people to help us watch the permits to pollute that TDEC issues twice a month and write comment letters or monitor stormwater sites or do files searches at the local TDEC or ACOE field offices. There's a lot you can do to help us out. Contact Dana Wright and ask her how you can help!

Do you like to go to events? Do you like to plan events? We need folks to man tables and help us with our events. If you like to get out into the community, we can put you to work! Contact Renee Hoyos

Do you live in Knoxville and have some extra time to donate? We always need help in the office. If you know Dreamweaver, you could help us update the website or maybe help enter membership information into our database or help with mailings? Do you know graphics? Are you good at design? We've got all kinds of projects that need an extra loving hand. If you'd like to help us here in the office, contact Renee Hoyos amd she'll get you started!