March 1, 2001

Quick List of Environmental Listserves from EnviroOne  EnviroOne invites you to join for free the discussion in one or more of  several discussion groups centered around a cleaner environment for each  medium. The following summarizes these group.  Click on the group of interest  to join.


 EnviroWater - a listserv on water resources, groundwater, surface water,  drinking water, marine pollution, MtBE additive, non-point sources, and more. 


 EnviroAir - a listserv on acid rain, air quality standards, emission testing,  asbestos, global warming, and more. 


 EnviroBrownfield - a listserv on tax incentive zones, new/emerging brownfield  tools, brownfields funding, and more. 


 EnviroEducation - a listserv on kids environmental activities, distance  learning, financial assistance, sustainability, and more. 


 EnviroList - a listserv on current postings of new jobs, grants,  scholarships, fellowships, RFPs, and more. 


 EnviroMNA - a listserv on natural attenuation including protocols, the latest on biotic/abiotic processes, innovative monitoring technologies, and more. 


 EnviroSoftware - a listserv on every software with environmental implications  including geotechnical, risk assessment, natural attenuation, groundwater,  vadose zone, soil screening, and more. 


 EnviroSoils - a listserv on soil geochemistry, soil fertility, soil cleanup,  soils from mine spoils, contaminated sediments, soil erosion, and more.