September 7, 2001

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1. ANNOUNCEMENT - REGISTER TODAY - Nov 9-11, Joint TCWN TEC Conference on Water/Sprawl Issues in Tennessee
2. NOTICE - TMDL - Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Proposed for Crab Orchard Creek
3.  PUBLIC NOTICES - QUICK LIST FROM TDEC -Pollution Permits for Proposed Facilities
4.  PUBLIC NOTICES - QUICK LIST FROM TDEC - Aquatic Resource Alteration Permit (ARAP) Notices
5. TAKE ACTION - POSTCARDS & ONLINE LETTERS - Clean Water Network Provides a Simple Means to Comment on Wetland Protection
6.  RESOURCE - SAMAB WEBSITE - Watershed Map and Organizations Online 

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*Dalton, Georgia's proposed withdrawal from the Tennessee River
*How Tennessee's new Inter-basin Transfer law works
*Criminal Judgment Assessed Against Wolf River Polluter
*Forest Watch's Efforts to Track Chip Mill Development in Tennessee and more....

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1.  Water/Sprawl Conference Nov. 9-11, REGISTER TODAY:

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  Our annual conference will be NOVEMBER 9-11! at Lakeside Resort in Smithville, TN!

TN Clean Water Network (TCWN) & TN Environmental Council (TEC) Present a Conference on Clean Water/Sprawl Issues in TN:

Mark your calendars for TCWN's 4th Annual Conference, offered jointly by TCWN and TEC, to be held November 9-11, 2001 The conference will focus on clean water issues and sprawl issues in Tennessee.

DAY ONE of the conference (Saturday) will feature Jim Hightower, a popular nationally syndicated radio talk show host (invited and almost confirmed!) and workshops on working on measures in your watershed that protect against sprawl and water pollution.

On Saturday night, we will have fun, music, and you can meet people from Across Tennessee that are working on water and sprawl related issues.

DAY TWO of the conference (optional) will feature a series of recreational events including a canoe trip, a hiking trip, a trip on Centerhill Lake, and possibly some craft-based activities.

2.  Proposed TMDL for Crab Orchard Creek, Emory River Watershed:

Announcement is hereby given of the availability of Tennessee’s proposed Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for pH in the Crab Orchard Creek sub watershed, part of the Emory River watershed, located in eastern Tennessee. Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act requires states to develop TMDLs for waters on their impaired waters list. TMDLs must determine the allowable pollutant load that the water can assimilate, allocate that load among the various point and non point sources, include a margin of safety, and address seasonality.

(This TMDL may be accessed at:

Crab Orchard Creek is listed on Tennessee’s final 1998 303(d) list as not supporting designated use classifications due, in part, to low pH associated with abandoned mines. The TMDL utilizes net alkalinity (as CaCO3) as a surrogate for pH, a load duration curve developed from USGS
continuous record station flow data, Tennessee’s general water quality criteria, in-stream water quality monitoring data, and an appropriate Margin of Safety (MOS) to establish loadings of net alkalinity (as
CaCO3) which will result in the attainment of water quality standards for pH.

Persons wishing to comment on the TMDL are invited to submit their comments in writing no later than September 20, 2001 to:

Division of Water Pollution Control
Watershed Management Section
6th Floor, L & C Annex
401 Church Street
Nashville, TN 37243-1534

3.  Public Notices Posted by Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation - Proposed Pollution Permits:

Pollution Permits: The Tennessee Division of Water Pollution Control proposes to issue National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits for discharging treated wastewater and storm water to the following:

1) Bells Lagoon, discharging treated municipal wastewater to South Fork Forked Deer River - Old Channel in Crockett County, permit no. TN0026247
2) Intex Enterprises LLC, discharging treated process wastewater to Buffalo Creek at mile .3 to Hinds Creek at mile 5.5 in Anderson County, permit no. TN0074713
3) TVA Cumberland Fossil Plant, discharging ash transport water, treated chemical and non chemical metal cleaning wastewaters, coal pile runoff, low volume wastes, and storm water runoff to the Cumberland River at mile 103 in Cumberland County, permit no. TN0005789
4) City of Memphis Separate Storm Sewer System, discharging municipal storm water to various unnamed tributaries of the Mississippi River and to the Mississippi River in Shelby County, permit no. TNS068276

Comments must be received by September 24, 2001.  (Send to Division of Water Pollution Control, 401 Church St., L&C Annex, 6th Floor, Department of Environment and Conservation, Nashville, TN 37243).
Interested persons may also request in writing that the Director of the Division hold a public hearing on any application.

For more information on these and other notices, visit

4.  ARAP (Aquatic Resource Alteration Permit) Notices:

The applications described below have been submitted for Aquatic Resource Alteration Permits (ARAP) pursuant to The Tennessee Water Quality Control Act of 1977.

For more detailed information on each application, visit

1) Applicant: Day Star Construction Permit No: 00-377
Location: Unnamed tributary to Middle Creek in Sevier County
Description: Culverted road crossing.  Total area of clearing along the
channel is 4400 square feet.

2) Applicant: Columbia Power and Water Permit No: 00-386
Location: Duck River mile 134.05 in Maury County
Description: Domestic water supply intake structure.

3) Applicant: Olde Colony Development, Flatwoods Resort, Inc. Permit No: 01-149
Location: Thompson Creek and unnamed tributaries and Bruce Creek and unnamed tributaries in Caryville, Campbell County 
Description: Golf course construction

4) Applicant: Charles Campbell Construction Permit No: 01-230
Location: Dobbs Branch, Hamilton County
Description: Box culvert extension

5) Applicant: Tennessee Department of Transportation Permit No: 01-244
Location/Description: I-24 Interchange at Joe B. Jackson Parkway (Elam
Road) in Rutherford County

6) Applicant: Tennessee Department of Transportation Permit No: 01-245 

Location/Description: State Route 62: Bridge and
Approaches over Southern Railroad, Morgan County

5.  Free Postcards and On-Line Letters for Wetland Protection from Clean Water Network:

Source: Clean Water Network's CleanWaterInfo. In our latest Status Report and in an August 10 e-mail we informed Clean Water Network members that all Nationwide Wetlands Permits are up for 
review through September 24. The deadline is fast approaching and we are providing wetland workgroup members with two ways to send in comments to the Corps-- through a wetlands postcard and via our on-line action center.

1.) Free Postcards--
The Network has printed 5000 postcards to be sent to the Corps telling them not to rollback wetland protections the wetlands workgroup worked so hard to put into place, and that protect families from floods.

These lovely postcards are available free to all Network members to distribute to members of their organizations. Please contact Ami Grace at [email protected] by September 7. Please include how many you need and where to send them. If you reply by Friday you can expect the postcards to arrive on Sept. 11.

2.) Go to for Sample Letter
Wetlands workgroup members can also go to and click on our Legislative Action Center for a sample letter to send to the Corps. Go ahead and copy the letter and add your own comments and then mail it to:   Mr. Collinson, HQUSACE, ATTN: CECW-OR, 441 G, Street NW, Washington, DC

6.  SARIS Watershed Map and Organizations On Line:

SAMAB's Watershed Initiative has developed an interactive Web page where you can click on any basin in or near the SAMAB region and get information on the watershed organizations within the basin.  Basins are delineated by 8 digit
hydrologic unit codes.  There also is a link from each basin to EPA's "Surf your Watershed".
This product was developed to increase dialog between and among SAMAB, local watershed organizations, and agencies that can provide assistance in watershed development, restoration, and protection. Please provide feedback on this Web site, including content you would like to see, other organizations that should be listed, or other ideas using the feedback link on the page or email to <[email protected]>.

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