June 19, 2001

Inside this Issue!

1.  ANNOUNCEMENT - SAVE THE DATE - Nov 9-11, TCWN-TEC Joint Conference on Water/Sprawl Issues in TN
2.  PUBLIC NOTICES - QUICK LIST FROM TDEC -Pollution Permits for Proposed Facilities
3.  NOTICE - TDEC NOTICES - Public Hearing on Summertown Utility District's Application for Water Withdrawal Permit
4.  NOTICE - DRINKING WATER REPORTS - Learn About Your Drinking Water in Consumer Confidence Reports
5.  NEWS - FISH ADVISORIES - EPA Releases 2000 Update on Nation's Fish Advisories
6.  RESOURCE - WATERSHEDS IN THE CLASSROOM - Watershed Science Classroom Materials
7.  RESOURCE - TMDL HANDBOOK - From Clean Water Network: The Ripple Effect, a Handbook on Weighing in on TMDLs

1.  NOV 9-11, TN Clean Water Network (TCWN) & TN Environmental Council (TEC) Present a Conference on Clean Water/Sprawl Issues in TN:

Mark your calendars for TCWN's 4th Annual Conference, offered jointly by TCWN and TEC, to be held November 9-11, 2001 at Lakeside Resort in Smithville, TN!  The conference will focus on clean water issues and sprawl issues in Tennessee.  Additional details are forthcoming.

2.  Public Notices Posted by Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation - Proposed Pollution Permits:

Pollution Permits: The Tennessee Division of Water Pollution Control proposes to issue National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits for discharging treated wastewater and stormwater to the following:

1. Portland STP, to discharge to Summers Branch of the Red River Mile 8.6 in
Sumner County, permit no. TN0021865
2. Nashville Central STP, to discharge to Cheatham Reservoir at Cumberland
River mile 189.2 in Davidson County, permit no. TN0020575    (Public hearing will be held Monday, August 13, 2001 at 7 pm CDT in the L & C Tower Conference Room at 401 Church St, 17th Floor, Nashville.)
3. Murfreesboro-Sinking Creek STP, to discharge to West Fork of the Stones River mile 10.5 in Rutherford County, permit no. TN0022586
4. North American Fibers, Inc., to discharge to Watauga River in Elizabethton County, permit no. TN0004421
5. TVA - Sequoyah Nuclear Plant, for thermal variance, discharging to Tennessee River in Hamilton County, permit no. TN0026450
6.White House STP, to discharge to Frey Branch at mile 2.2 in Robertson County, permit no. TN005904
7. Jackson U.D. STP, to discharge to South Fork Forked Deer River at mile 50.8 in Madison County, permit no. TN0024813

     Comments must be received by July 23, 2001 for #1-5, by August 13, 2001 for #6-7.  (Send to Division of Water Pollution Control, 401 Church St., L&C Annex, 6th Floor, Department of Environment and Conservation, Nashville, TN 37243).  Interested persons may also request in writing that the
Director of the Division hold a public hearing on any application.

For more information on these and other notices, visit http://www.state.tn.us/environment/new.htm

3.  Public Hearing Notice:

The TN Division of Water Pollution Control will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, August 7, 2001 at 7 pm CT in the cafeteria of the Summertown High School, 411 West College Street, to solicit public comment regarding an application by Summertown Utility District for a water withdrawal permit.
The permit would authorize the withdrawal of up to one million gallons per day of water from the Buffalo River at Henryville in Lawrence County. Comments must be received by August 17, 2001.

4.  Learn About Your Drinking Water: Local Reports Out this Month:

If you are one of the more than 260 million people who receive water from a community water supply, keep your eye out for this year's water quality report.  The report will include a brief description of the source of your drinking water and the levels of contaminants that may be found in it when it
reaches your tap. Water suppliers are required to deliver these annual reports (also called consumer confidence reports) to their customers by July
1.  The report may arrive along with your bill or as a separate mailing.

Apartment dwellers can get a copy from their landlord or directly from their water supplier.   Many reports are available on the Internet, and EPA has links to hundreds of them at

5.  EPA Releases 2000 Update on Nation's Fish Advisories:

EPA has released its annual update of the National Listing of Fish and Wildlife Advisories.  The 2000 list indicates a 7% rise in fish consumption advisories over 1999.  This increase generally reflects more extensive coverage by state monitoring programs, as well as improvements in data collection and monitoring methods.  Approximately 23% of the Nation's lake acreage and 325,500 river miles were under fish consumption advisories during all or part of 2000.  All Great Lakes (which are not included in the lake acreage figure) and their connecting waters were also under advisory, as were 71% of coastal waters, including 20 National Estuary Program sites.  To view the fact sheet, go to

6.  Watershed Science Classroom Materials:

Watershed Science Classroom Materials -- Written for high school and middle school teachers and students, this packet will help teachers incorporate the study of watersheds into science classes and after-school science clubs.  Some of the activities include calculating discharge, sampling aquatic
invertebrate life, calculating a biotic index for stream organisms, and physical monitoring, such as measuring stream depth and velocity. Reproducible data sheets, background information for educators,
worksheets, and more are included.

Available from: Cornell University Resource Center, 7 Cornell Business & Technology Park, Ithaca, NY  14850, Phone: 607-255-2080, E-mail: [email protected]

7.  New Handbook on Weighing in on TMDLs is Available:

The Clean Water Network has just released a new Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) handbook for activists , The Ripple Effect:  How to make waves in the turbulent world of watershed cleanup plans. The Ripple Effect is designed to help citizens get involved in the development and implementation of
TMDLs.  The handbook walks you through the cleanup plan process and suggests questions to ask, policy and technical issues to raise, organizing and media tactics to try, and more.

Hard copies of the handbook are FREE for Clean Water Network members...spread them far and wide!  Copies are $10 each for non-members. Bulk orders (i.e. more than 50) will be considered individually.  To order your copies, contact Merritt Frey at [email protected] or 208-345-7776. Alternatively, find
the handbook in a downloadable, pdf format at www.cwn.org in the impaired waters section.

Thanks to the nearly 40 members of the TMDL work group who reviewed and greatly improved this handbook!

NOTE:  For those of  you who tentatively ordered copies of this handbook in April/May, I'll be contacting you shortly to see if you still would like the same number of handbooks.

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