September 13, 2002

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1. It's Coming! Tennessee Clean Water Network's 5th Annual Conference!!
3. SAMAB Fall Conference
5. Action Alert! Comments needed on proposed development on Norris Reservoir
6. Action Alert! Comments needed on proposed access rights exchange on Fort Loudon Reservoir
7. Resource: EPA's National Water Program features Watersheds
8. "Green-Based" Urban Growth: Next Wave of Environmentalism
9. Notice: TN Dept. of Environment & Conservation ARAP public notices
10. US Army Corps of Engineers Public Notices

1. It's Coming! Tennessee Clean Water Network's 5th Annual Conference
The Tennessee Clean Water Network is holding its 5th Annual Conference on Friday, Sept. 20 and Saturday, Sept. 21 at The Factory in Franklin, TN!

Participants may attend Friday only, Saturday only or both days. Registration fees range from $25 to $60 depending on TCWN membership status and the number of days attending.

On Friday, the conference will feature speakers on a variety of topics addressing drinking water quality and opportunities to protect drinking water in Tennessee. The day will close with a panel discussion and, on Friday evening, there will be a benefit concert for TCWN featuring bluegrass and folk music from regional musicians. The cost of the concert is $15/person.

Saturday's agenda is designed specifically for watershed associations and will include two tracks of workshops on topics such as organizational development and raising awareness about drinking water issues. Harpeth River field trips in the afternoon will involve watershed surveying by participants from land and canoe.

Conference participants are responsible for their own lodging. Rooms are available at the Best Western in Franklin for the reduced rate of $49.88 (Friday night only) to conference-goers. You must reserve rooms with a credit card before Sept. 13 to get this special rate. To make a reservation, call 1-800-251-3200. There are many other options in Franklin so check the web for listings.

If you would like to attend the conference please contact us as soon as possible at 865-522-7007. Please make checks payable to TCWN. Mail to TCWN, Box 1521, Knoxville, TN 37901. For a full registration form and agenda, email May Sligh at [email protected]

A limited number of scholarships are available. Scholarships can be applied for lodging and mileage. ALL participants must pay the registration fee. Individuals requesting scholarships must send their requests to Danielle Droitsch via snail mail, fax (865/329-2422) or email ([email protected]) by September 9 with the following information:

1. Organization's name and annual budget (if applicable)
2. Person requesting scholarship
3. Amount requested.

Saturday, Sept. 14 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Audubon Acres, a 130-acre wildlife sanctuary near Chattanooga. Everyone mark your calendars for this family fun day to benefit the work of South Chickamauga Creek Greenway Alliance and Tennessee Clean Water Network. Not only is there a delicious picnic lunch, but canoe rides, wetland nature walks, water games and exhibits too. All for $12 ($6 per child aged 3-12)! Volunteers are needed
to make this event a big success. There are set up and break down tasks along with food service, canoeing help, sign making, game leading, etc. Call 423-892-1499 for more information, directions and to obtain tickets.

3. SAMAB Fall Conference
Contribute to the SAMAB Fall Conference, November 5-7. The focus will be on measurement, mitigation, and management of human impacts in the Southern Appalachians. Join other caretakers of the Southern Appalachians--state and federal resource managers, scientists, and NGO and community members--in networking and sharing information. The conference features workshops, presentations, and field trips that convey the latest assessments, planning activities and tools, restoration challenges and successes, and natural resource related legislation. Deadline for summaries/abstracts is September 3.

Next week, Rep. Duncan and other members of the House Transportation and infrastructure Committee will vote on a series of amendments to reform the Army Corps of Engineers by subjecting costly or controversial Army Corps water projects to independent review, and by requiring the Corps to quickly and fully mitigate the impacts of Corps water projects.

The evidence supporting reform is substantial: the Army's own Inspector General (IG), the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and the General Accounting Office (GAO), all recently concluded that the Corps frequently exaggerates economic benefits and underestimates the environmental impacts of large water projects. The GAO also recently found that the Corps frequently fails to quickly and fully mitigate project impacts on the environment.

Recent examples include:

Delaware River -- The GAO found that a project to deepen the Delaware
River would generate only $13.3 million in annual economic benefits, far less than the
$40.1 million in annual economic benefits predicted by the Corps. According to the GAO, the Corps' analysis featured ""miscalculations, invalid assumptions, and the use of significantly outdated information.""

Columbia River -- A six-month review of a project to deepen the Columbia River by the Portland Oregonian found that the Corps overestimated projects benefits by assuming that empty ship containers were full. The Oregonian's review found the project would only return 86 cents for every tax dollar invested.

Mississippi River -- The Army's IG concluded that Corps economists had been ordered to manipulate data to justify the construction of longer Mississippi and Illinois River locks. A National Academy panel found that the Corps' planning models grossly overestimated expected increases in waterway traffic.

Yazoo Pumps -- Independent experts found that the Corps overestimated the benefits of a $181 million pumping project by $144 million. The project would negatively impact more than 200,000 acres of wetlands, according to government analysis.

Please take a moment to call Don Walker w/Rep. Duncan at 202-225-5435.
Also, check out the following web site:

5. Action Alert! Comments needed on proposed development on Norris Reservoir TVA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have released a draft Environmental Assessment for comment on proposed deed modifications and community dock permits associated with Sunset Bay, a large private development on Norris Reservoir, Union County, Tennessee. Copies available from Stan Davis at 865-632-2915 or [email protected]

6. Action Alert! Comments needed on proposed access rights exchange on Fort Loudon Reservoir
TVA has released a draft EA for comment on a proposed access rights exchange project with the Riverbrook Shoreline Owners Association on Fort Loudoun Reservoir in Blount County, Tennessee. Copies available from Harold Draper at [email protected]

7. Resource: EPA's National Water Program features Watersheds
EPA's National Water Program is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act by featuring water programs each month. We will focus in September on "Watersheds." EPA Administrator Whitman has referred to watersheds as "Communities connected by water." This is a good reminder that we all live downstream from someone. Roper Poll surveys found that fewer than one-third of Americans could select
the definition of a watershed from a simple multiple choice quiz. We are trying to do a better job of educating people about watersheds. Please visit our website at to obtain further information.

8. "Green-Based" Urban Growth: Next Wave of Environmentalism
National Geographic News, by D.L. Parsell, April 22, 2002

After it was introduced 30 years ago, the phrase "think globally, act locally" became an environmental rallying cry for an entire generation. Yet the grand vision it inspired-of communities mobilizing to take responsibility for the health of the planet starting in their own backyards-remained more a slogan than reality.

Now, local environmental activism is getting a new lease on life, sparked by a public backlash against runaway and poorly planned development of cities and towns, widely known as "sprawl."

To read the full article please visit:

9. Notice: TN Dept. of Environment & Conservation ARAP public notices

A. Notice of Public Hearing
Public Hearing Number 02-005, September 10, 2002, 7:00 PM
The hearing will be held in the Conference Room in the Lakeland City Hall.
Public comments will be received concerning the proposed issuance of a §401 Water
Quality Certification (Application No. 01-386) to:
Phil White to construct a rifle range for the Memphis Sport Shooting Association. The proposed project shall impact 1.5 acres of jurisdictional wetlands. The forested wetlands consist of red maple, American elm, ash, sycamore and other species.
Compensatory wetland mitigation is proposed on-site. Approximately 4.5 acres of principally open field shall be excavated to an elevation consistent with adjacent wetlands and planted with mast producing tree species at the rate of 400/acre.
The wetland mitigation site will be monitored and annual reports will be submitted to the Division. Performance criteria and survival rates will be guaranteed for five years. A Declaration of Restrictions will be placed over the mitigation site.
The hearing officer may limit the length of oral presentations in order to allow all parties the opportunity to speak, and will require that all testimony be relevant to water quality issues. Written testimony will be accepted at the hearing and will be considered part of the hearing record.
Interested persons may obtain additional information, or inspect and copy related documents at the Division of Water Pollution; Natural Resources Section; 7th Floor, L and C Annex; 401 Church Street; Nashville, TN 37243-1534 or at the TN Dept. of
Environment and Conservation Environmental Assistance Center, Suite E-645 Perimeter
Park, 2510 Mount Moriah Road, Memphis, TN 38115-1520.

B. Notice of Permit Application
Permit Application: NRS #02.325; Applicant: Brent Lay
Location: Beech River, Decatur County
Watershed Description: The Beech River watershed is predominantly forest and agricultural land. The Beech River begins in Henderson County and flows east into Decatur County where it runs into the Tennessee River. The proposed project would be within the impounded portion near the confluence of the Tennessee River.
Project Description: The applicant proposes to dredge approximately 6,120 cubic yards of accumulated sediment for 2,400 linear feet along two sloughs on his property in Decatur County. The purpose of the proposed project is to allow for recreational boat access to his property. Location A would include 1600 linear feet of dredging creating an access channel of varying width from 30 to 80 feet. Location B would include 800 linear feet of dredging creating an access channel 30 feet in width. The two access channels would be excavated to a bottom elevation of 355'. The excavation would be accomplished using a track hoe and or dragline. The work would be performed in the dry when the lake is at normal winter pool. The dredged material would be stockpiled in an abandoned gravel pit (location C). Erosion controls would be installed and maintained during all phases of construction to prevent sediment from re-entering waters of the state.

10. US Army Corps of Engineers Public Notices
The following is a list of Public Notices that the Nashville District has issued for work in waters of the United States. The notices listed are for applications currently under review. All work is proposed unless otherwise noted. For information purposes, we will leave a notice on our web page for approximately 30 days past the notice close comment period, after which it will be removed from this list. If you wish to obtain a copy of a particular notice, you can contact our office at (615) 369-7500 or by mail and we will be happy to forward it to you. Be sure to include the Public Notice Number with your request.
U.S.Army Engineer District, Nashville
Corps of Engineers
Attention: Regulatory Branch
3701 Bell Road
Nashville, Tennessee 37214
02-61 - Expires 10/14/2002, Perryville Marina, Proposed Dredging for Boat Access Channel, Alley Branch confluence with Tennessee River Mile 135.2L, Kentucky Lake, Decatur County, TN
02-39 - Expires 10/09/2002, Riverstone Estates Marina, Proposed Dredging for Community and Commercial Dock/Marina Facilities, Tennessee River Mile 161.8L, Kentucky Lake, Decatur County, TN
02-58 - Expires 09/18/2002, Dr. James Lee, Proposed Riprap Bank Stabilization, Tennessee River Mile 157.5L, Kentucky Lake, Decatur County, TN
02-49 - Expires 09/30/2002, Vulcan Construction Materials, Proposed Limestone Barge Loading Facility, Mile 0.7R Red River, Opposite Cumberland River Mile 124.9R, Montgomery County, TN
02-55 - Expires 09/21/2002, City of Clifton and Mr. Gene Davidson, Proposed Commercial Covered Floating Boat Slips, Excavation and Riprap Bank Stabilization, Tennessee River Mile 158.6R, Kentucky Lake, Wayne County, TN
02-52 - Expires 08/26/2002, Mr. Jim Hudson, Proposed Floating Trash Boom, Mile 604.4R, Tennessee River, Fort Loudoun Lake, Londoun County, TN
02-48 - Expires 08/16/2002, Tennessee Department of Transportation, Proposed Wetland Fill, S.R. 91 from S.R. 37 in Elizabethton to West of Green Valley Road, Carter County, TN
02-44 - Expires 08/05/2002, Beech River Regional Airport Authority, Proposed Stream Relocation and Culverting, Unnamed Tributaries to Big Creek and Roberts Branch, Henderson County, TN
02-46 - Expires 08/02/2002, Foothills Pointe Homeowners Association, Proposed Addition to an Existing Permitted Community Dock, Baker Creek Mile 0.4R, Opposite Little Tennessee River Mile 13.4R, Tellico Lake, Loudoun County, TN
02-47 - Expires 07/25/2002, Lojac Enterprises, Inc., Proposed Stream Relocation, Unnamed Tributary to Stoners Creek, Mile 4.3R, Davidson County, TN
02-43 - Expires 06/28/2002, Proposed Mussel Relocation Experiment Between Tennessee River Miles 195.0 to 194.0, Left Descending Bank, Hardin County, TN
02-45 - Expires 07/05/2002, Roane County, Proposed Channel Fill and Adjacent Wetland Fill, Unnamed Tributaries to Pawpaw Creek, Roane County, TN
02-42 - Expires 06/21/2002, Ms. Rhonda Gage and Ms. Lorie Nelan, Proposed Recessed Boat Well, Access Channel, and Riprap, Tennessee River Mile 453.1R, Hamilton County, TN
02-40 - Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation Proposed In-Lieu-Fee Stream Mitigation Program within the State of Tennessee.
02-38 - Expires 06/12/2002, Tennessee Emmons, LLC, Proposed Community Dock, Boat Ramp, and Road Crossing, Between Miles 0.1L and 6.0L Lost Creek, Union County, TN
02-12 - Expires 05/19/2002, Laurel Marina and Yacht Club, Proposed Commercial Marina Expansion and Road Construction, South Fork Holston River Mile 56.5R, South Holston Lake, Sullivan County, TN
02-33 - Expires 05/15/2002, TWRA, Proposed Public Boat Launching Ramp, Sale Creek Mile 0.4R, Opposite Tennessee River Mile 495.0R, Chickamauga Lake, Hamilton County, TN
Questions concerning a particular notice should be directed to the project manager listed in the text of the notice.
The POC for this page:
Brad Bishop, CELRN-CO-F
(615) 369-7512
Nashville, TN
[email protected]

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