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September 9, 2000

 Send an Internet Message to the TVA Resource Stewardship:  Water Quality Subcommittee

Voice your opinion about how TVA should address water quality issues in the future!  As many of you probably already know, TVA convened a Federal Advisory Committee to evaluate the current status of TVA’s non-power programs. Dr. Stephen Smith, Executive Director of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, represents environmental interests on this committee.  TCWN met with Dr. Smith some time ago to argue for the establishment of a water quality subcommittee which was established.  TCWN is represented on this subcommittee by Axel Ringe, a member of the TCWN Board of Directors.


Objective of Water Quality Subcommittee:

Study and examine issues relative to TVA’s efforts to improve water quality in the Tennessee River watershed. Formulate recommendations for consideration by the RRSC and submittal to TVA that would improve or otherwise enhance these efforts for the benefit of stakeholders in the Tennessee Valley.


Scope of Work Includes:

TVA’s watershed teams, especially their work with local communities Aquatic plant management Impact of reservoir operations options on water quality Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Source water protection in the context of interagency cooperation TVA oversight in water quantity and supply issues in the Tennessee Valley (e.g., withdrawals and interbasin transfers)  

WHAT TO DO:  Log on to the TVA website and tell EACH Resource Stewardship Council member your opinion about TVA’s efforts to improve water quality.  TCWN strongly encourages you to provide BOTH your opinion about what needs to be improved and what programs are worth saving.  TVA’s non-power programs are under attack and need support.


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