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Protect the Tennessee River By Mimi Hughes

Our ancestors made tremendous sacrifices to give us the quality of life we enjoy today. History tells heartbreaking stories of the pain and suffering of the soldiers that fought for our freedoms. Though soldiers are still dying to maintain those freedoms, the sacrifices of battle have declined significantly. Now a new type of battle lies before us, between poor environmental practices and the Tennessee River.


Paddling the Tennessee River  By Kim Trevathan

When I tell serious canoeists that I paddled the length of the Tennessee, they look at me as if I've lost my mind. It is not a river that is frequently paddled, even for short stretches. In fact, over the course of the entire 652 miles-from Knoxville to Paducah, Kentucky-I saw only three canoeists. One reason is obvious: most canoeists like moving water, and the Tennessee, though once a wild and raging stream, does not move, at least not on its own.



USFWS proposes reintroduction of four fishes
The duskytail darter, smoky madtom, yellowfin madtom, and the spotfin chub may be reintroduced into the Tellico River in Monroe County, Tennessee. The fishes would be introduced between the backwaters of Tellico Reservoir and the Tellico Ranger Station. The Service proposes to designate these populations as Nonessential Experimental Populations under the Endangered Species Act. This special status provides more flexibility and regulatory relief to agencies proposing to conduct activities that may affect the experimental populations. For more information, contact Richard Biggins, Asheville Field Office, at 828-258-3939, extension 228 or [email protected].

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