Conference on Clean Water/Sprawl

Issues in TN:


August 6, 2001
MARK YOUR CALENDARY!  Our annual conference will be NOVEMBER 9-11! at Lakeside Resort in Smithville, TN!

TN Clean Water Network (TCWN) & TN Environmental Council (TEC) Present a Conference on Clean Water/Sprawl Issues in TN:

Mark your calendars for TCWN's 4th Annual Conference, offered jointly by TCWN and TEC, to be held November 9-11, 2001 The conference will focus on clean water issues and sprawl issues in Tennessee.

DAY ONE of the conference (Saturday) will feature a popular nationally syndicated radio talk show host (invited) and workshops on working on measures in your watershed that protect against sprawl and water pollution.  On Saturday night, we will have fun, music, and you can meet people from Across Tennessee that are working on water and sprawl related issues.

DAY TWO of the conference (optional) will feature a series of recreational events including a canoe trip, a hiking trip, a trip on Centerhill Lake, and possibly some craft-based activities.


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