Free Postcards and On-Line Letters


September 7, 2001
Free Postcards and On-Line Letters for Wetland Protection from Clean Water Network:

Source: Clean Water Network's CleanWaterInfo. In our latest Status Report and in an August 10 e-mail we informed Clean Water Network members that all Nationwide Wetlands Permits are up for  review through September 24. The deadline is fast approaching and we are providing wetland workgroup members with two ways to send in comments to the Corps-- through a wetlands postcard and via our on-line action center.

1.) Free Postcards--
The Network has printed 5000 postcards to be sent to the Corps telling them not to rollback wetland protections the wetlands workgroup worked so hard to put into place, and that protect families from floods.

These lovely postcards are available free to all Network members to distribute to members of their organizations. Please contact Ami Grace at [email protected] by September 7. Please include how many you need and where to send them. If you reply by Friday you can expect the postcards to arrive on Sept. 11.

2.) Go to for Sample Letter
Wetlands workgroup members can also go to and click on our Legislative Action Center for a sample letter to send to the Corps. Go ahead and copy the letter and add your own comments and then mail it to:   Mr. Collinson, HQUSACE, ATTN: CECW-OR, 441 G, Street NW, Washington, DC

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