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October 16, 2001

RESOURCE:  Storm water Strategies. New and Improved!

In 1999 NRDC released a new report that described the problems associated with storm water and documented numerous successful strategies employed by communities around the country.  NRDC has turned that unique report into a handy CD-ROM that allows the user to search through more than 100 model case studies, contacts, and resources.  In addition, the new CD-ROM includes case studies on low impact development.  All Network members will be receiving a copy of this CD-ROM in the mail in the
upcoming months.  Please distribute information from this resource to other groups concerned with this issue including your state and local water pollution control and land use management agencies!  If you do not receive a CD-ROM, please contact Carol James with NRDC at [email protected]



October 10, 2000 

RESOURCE:  Interested in Storm water Management in Tennessee (Check this out!)


The University of Tennessee Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and

The Tennessee Water Resources Research Center Knoxville, Tennessee has put together a wonderful website with information on storm water management practices.   If you are a STORMWATER NERD or have an interest in affecting the plans for your local area, check out this website.  

"Storm water Management Practices and Education Program for Counties and Local Communities in Tennessee" (Extended Abstract)


"Storm water Management Practices in Tennessee -- A Survey of Local Government Representatives" (Report)


Example Storm water Management Local Ordinance (City of Knoxville, Tennessee)


"ABCs of Storm water Management for Local Officials" (Workshop Presentation)


"Storm water Quantity and Quality Management -- A Primer for Local Government Officials"


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