March 1, 2001

 Selected Environmental Bill Summaries from Tennessee Conservation Voters:


 You can obtain copies of any of these bills via the internet by going to the General Assembly web site at

 SB 1651/HB 1374 (Elsea/Sands)  - would add segments of the Duck River and segments of the Caney Fork River to the state scenic rivers system. The bill  would, however, take out the authority of the commissioner of environment and conservation to establish the boundaries of the scenic river in favor of  requiring the commissioner to negotiate voluntary agreements with each individual landowner.


 SB 265/HB 260  (Fowler/Odom) - enacts "Tennessee Forest Resources Conservation Act of 2001." This bill would establish a comprehensive program  to regulate the permitting of new or expanded chipmill facilities.  There are opportunities for public comment and abilities to challenge the granting or  denial of permit applications.


 SB 583/HB 1311 (Kyle/Arriola & Scroggs) - would require any new or expanding industrial chipmill seeking economic assistance from the Dept of Community Development or TN Local Development Authority to complete a forest resource impact study.  Economic assistance would be precluded unless the Dept of Agriculture finds that the operations would not have an unreasonable adverse effect on the long-term viability of forest resources. It would also  condition receipt of assistance on implementing various management practices.


 SB 555/HB 496 (Crutchfield/Odom) - would authorize the department of environment and conservation to develop a timetable for the removal of methyl  tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE) from gasoline. Specifically, it would prohibit the use of MTBE in gasoline by December 31, 2003.


 SB 442/HB 778 (Crutchfield/Briley) - enacts "Tennessee Environmental Policy Act of 2001."   Similar to the federal NEPA statute, this bill requires an  environmental effects report (modeled after the federal EIS process) to be prepared prior to state action that is likely to have significant adverse  impact on the environment.


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