16 Apr 2001

Selected Environmental Bill Summaries from Tennessee Conservation Voters



March 1, 2001

 Selected Environmental Bill Summaries from Tennessee Conservation Voters:



September 23, 2000  




April 17, 2000  

LEGISLATIVE UPDATES for March 27-31, 2000

Contact: Kay Linder (Tennessee Conservation Voters), [email protected]


HB3002 McAfee/SB3074 Ramsey - The Inter-basin Water Transfer Act passed to the full House Environment Committee.  This bill gives the State the authority to regulate how much water is transferred from Tennessee's basins and rivers.  Legislators still have questions and concerns so the bill has been deferred several times, after much discussion.


HB825Rinks/SB402 Cooper - This bill shifts money from the Wetland Acquisition Fund to a State Park Maintenance Fund.  After MUCH discussion and concern about wetlands expressed by almost every committee member, the bill passed from the Environment Committee to Finance, Ways, & Means.  In the end, only Rep. Odom and Rep. Kernell voted against passage to the Finance Committee. 


HB2893Rinks/SB3270 - This bill adds Benton, Decatur and Hardin Counties to the West TN River Basin Authority and moves the Authority under the auspices of TWRA.  Rep. Rinks is moving this bill with his wetlands bill as part of a package to shift funds to save parks.  This bill passed from House Environment to House Finance, Ways, and Means.


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