16 Apr 2001

Selected Environmental Bill Summaries from Tennessee Conservation Voters: You can obtain copies of any of these bills via the internet by going to the General Assembly web site at www.legislature.state.us


SB 1651/HB 1374 (Elsea/Sands)- the saga of the scenic river bill continues. The Administration was set to take the Caney Fork out of the bill because of concerns over the implications of the Caney Fork's designation on regional water supply issues in that area. An Attorney General's opinion was issued this week that seems to have alleviated many of those concerns.The bill was deferred in the full Senate but was passed out of the House Conservation and Environment Committee. If the remaining concerns are addressed, it is possible that the Senate may vote on the bill with the Caney Fork in as early as this coming Monday.


HB 1500/SB 1750 (McDonald/Davis)- this bill has been amended to set up a study commission to examine rural water supply issues. The bill was voted out of the House Conservation and Environment Committee and will be heard by the Senate Environment and Conservation Committee this coming week.


SB 1364/HB 858(Jackson/Turner)- brought by Tennessee Conservation Voters; seeks to add additional environmental/conservation representatives to four environmental regulatory boards (Air Pollution Control Board, Solid Waste Disposal Control Board, Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Board and Water Quality Control Board.) The bill was deferred & will be heard this coming week in the Senate Environment & Conservation Committee.


SB 852/HB 774 (Norris/Briley)- brought by Tennessee Conservation Voters; seeks to require TDOT to place planning documents on its web site to aid the public in its ability to stay informed on transportation projects. The bill, in an amended form, passed the Senate Transportation Committee and is set to be heard by the full Senate and the House Subcommittee for Transportation and Safety Planning this coming week.


HB 538/SB 1513 (Bone/Rochelle)- amends existing law pertaining to rulemaking authority of local water and wastewater authorities. These authorities have certain rulemaking authority and currently have to submit their rules for the approval of TDEC. Most of these rules have nothing to do with water quality issues, i.e. billing practices. The bill removes the requirement that rules need TDEC's approval but makes it clear that regulations of the Water Quality Control Act have supremacy over local regulations. This bill was passed by the House Environment Subcommittee and the Senate Environment and Conservation Committee. It will be heard by the House Conservation Committee this coming



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