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January 8, 2002
RESOURCE:  Your Guide to Your Lake and Its Use: a Book for Lake Residents  Alexandria, Va. -- Is your lake a prime sport fishery ? or a swimmer's paradise? Or do you have a different idea how to use it? A brand-new book  gives you a road map for making your lake the best resource it can be.  Managing Lakes and Reservoirs, a 400-page manual written for people  who live around lakes, answers all your questions on how to protect your lake or reservoir.  A citizens' guide with textbook information, this manual was written by nine limnologists and lake professionals with, collectively, more than 500 years experience working with lakes and reservoirs.  Look through the Contents and then turn to your own lake interests  or problems.

You'll learn:
How to control algae.

Why you must manage the watershed along with the lake.
Why you might - or might not - want plants growing in your lake
What phosphorus does to your lake
How barley straw may help your lake
How to use models to predict how water quality may change
Why people are the most important part of lake management
And, the list goes on for nine chapters including sources of additional information.

Written and published by the Terrene Institute and the North American Lake Management Society in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Managing Lakes and Reservoirs was edited by Holdren of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, William Jones of Indiana University and Judith Taggart of the Terrene Institute.  Copies sell for $33.95 plus shipping, with special discounts available. For more information or to order a copy, visit or phone (800)  726-4853. Copies are also available from the North American Lake Management Society at


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