March 1, 2001

 LakeNet - Information Resource on Global Lake Conservation: LakeNet  is a global network of people and organizations working to promote  the conservation and sustainable development of lakes.  LakeNet focuses on what it believe are the seven major threats to lakes around the world:  invasive species, water diversion, sedimentation, accelerated eutrophication, over-fishing, acidification and global warming.


 See new invasive species, water diversion and global warming pages on LakeNet's website at Problem descriptions, promising strategies, links and bibliographies are included.


 LakeNet also maintains a listserve, through which no more than 10 messages per month are sent to interested folks about the conservation and sustainable development of international lakes.  Messages often announce useful new materials or websites regarding lakes.


 If you wish to subscribe, just send a blank message to: [email protected]


 For more information, contact Laurie Duker, LakeNet, Monitor International, 300 State Street, Annapolis, MD 21403 USA, Tel (410) 268-5155, Fax (410)



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