June 12, 2001
Jeweler and HRWA Exploring Franklin's Natural Jewel - The Harpeth

The first-ever physical assessment of the health of the full length of the main-stem of the Harpeth River is being conducted by the Harpeth River Watershed Association (HRWA) with a jeweler from Franklin's Main Street as project leader.  Mike Walton, father of two and partner in Walton's Estate Jewelry, will travel the entire 118 mile length of the Harpeth to conduct this assessment.  The HRWA will stay in touch with the explorer via GPS and cell phone as he makes his way downstream.   Walton, a new board member
of the HRWA, will begin the trip on foot, wading the shallow waters of the Harpeth headwaters, then switch to kayak, canoe, and finally an aluminum boat with an outboard engine as the river gets deeper and more navigable.  He will be coordinating a number of volunteers in the project.

"Mike will document the current habitat quality and health of the river and identify priorities for maintaining current habitat integrity and for restoration work," said Dorene Bolze, HRWA president.  "We hope the data this project collects on erosion and sedimentation will help us advise land owners on how they can help keep the river healthy or restore areas that have been affected by erosion and siltation."

Formed in November 1998, The Harpeth River Watershed Association is dedicated to protecting and restoring the Harpeth River watershed by forging partnerships with homeowners, landowners, families, farmers, businesses, researchers, and government agencies to re-build and maintain the biological diversity of the watershed.    The HRWA provides information, data, training, and other activities to promote the health of the watershed.

For further information about the Harpeth River Watershed Association and how you can get involved, call 591-9095 or write HRWA, P.O. Box 1127, Franklin, TN 37069.  Email:  [email protected].

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