Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring


September 23, 2000  

CONFERENCE:  Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring: Overcoming Boundaries


Workshop for Leaders of Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Programs October 5-6, 2000, Washington, DC


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Oceans and Coastal Protection  Division, in partnership with the Center for Marine Conservation, is coordinating a two-day volunteer water quality monitoring workshop in Washington, DC.


Who Should Attend

*     Leaders of volunteer water quality monitoring programs

*     Teachers conducting student water quality monitoring programs

*     Local, state, regional, and federal agencies working with water quality issues


Workshop Benefits

The workshops provide useful tools for all volunteer water quality monitoring groups.  Organizations new to water quality monitoring will learn how to establish or improve monitoring operations, ensure the quality of data collected, and enhance training efforts.  Groups with more experience in volunteer monitoring will be able to share their experiences with sampling, monitoring equipment, fundraising, and other topics. 


No Registration Fee!

Financial Assistance Available