Papers on Sustainable Watersheds


September 9, 2000

ANNOUNCEMENT:  CALL for Papers on Sustainable Watersheds Balancing Multiple Needs (10th Annual Lake Management Conference)

The 10th Annual Southeastern Lakes Management Conference will be held in our home state of Tennessee, March 21-23, 2001.  Anyone with an interest in the management and protection of southeastern lakes should attend.  The organizing committee for the NALMS conference are inviting oral and poster presentations that deal with all aspects of the management, protection, and restoration, of lakes, reservoirs, and watersheds.  Of special interest will be presentations dealing with the symposium theme.  Presentation topics include but are not limited to:  point and nonpoint sources of pollution, sprawl and smart growth, balancing multiple needs, recreation, development, and management, tourism and eco-tourism, clean boating campaign, TMDL development, water resource carrying capacity, agricultural BMPs and much more.  Abstracts cannot exceed 500 words and MUST include the title (all caps), authors with affiliations, addresses, phone numbers and email  Underline the presenting author.  Deadline for abstracts is September 30, 2000.  All speakers must pay the registration fee.

Additional information can be obtained from Sue Robertson, TVA, 1101 Market St., CST 17D, Chattanooga, TN 37402-2801, 423-751-3747.