NRDC and the Network Release "Cesspools of Shame"

NRDC and the Clean Water Network continued to document the clean water and public health nightmares created by lagoons and spray fields at concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) with their July 24th, 2001 release of "Cesspools of Shame".  Many thanks to feedlots workgroup members who helped to release this report to their state and local press, and are educating their elected officials on the environmental and public health atrocities caused by CAFOs with this new tool.

"Cesspools of Shame" focuses on the environmental and public health violations of six of the largest multi-million dollar companies that own or control factory farms, details the clean water and public health effects of lagoons and spray field systems, and offers alternative solutions to CAFOs as well as federal policy recommendations.  To view the report, go to  A limited number of free hard copies are available to Network members.  Please e-mail the Feedlots Coordinator, Melanie Shepherdson Flynn with NRDC, at [email protected] or 202-289-2393 to order your free copy today!

Next Steps on CAFO Regulations
"Cesspools of Shame" came out just before the closing of the comment period on EPA's proposed CAFO regulations.  The proposed regulations do not ban manure lagoons though lagoons continue to be one of the largest threats to environmental and public health at CAFOs.  Thank you to all Network members who sent in their own extensive comments to EPA, signed onto the Network's sign-on letter, or took action via our Legislative Action Center on our web site at

As you may know, under an NRDC consent decree EPA must finalize the CAFO regulations by December 2002.

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