Nature Conservancy - $10 million plan would spruce up plateau


April 17, 2000

1.      BIG SOUTH FORK: (Contact: Lee Russell, [email protected])  Major decisions to be made by the National Park Service (NPS) very soon will determine the future of the BSFNRRA.  NPS has two planning documents in the works:  (1) a General Management Plan (GMP), (already in draft form), and (2) a Roads & Trails Management Plan (RTMP) for which NPS is eliciting ideas (nothing in writing yet).  Huge pro-development pressures are being exerted by some politicians and certain user groups on NPS.  To help preserve unspoiled the natural resources of the Area, here's what you can do:


#1 For the GMP, send written comments, due by May 15 to the address below, and

#2 To comment (oraly and/or in writing) on both the GMP and RTMP, attend meetings ("Open Houses") to be held between 4/17 and 4/20, (specifics below).


>>  Where to send comments:

Big South Fork NRRA - GMP Planning Team

Southeast Regional Office

National Park Service

1924 Building

100 Alabama St, SW, Suite 6R10

Atlanta, GA  30303-9725e-mail: [email protected]


>>  Location of Roads & Trails "Open Houses" (for details, call 423-569-9778)

Fentress County - Garrett's Store, 4/17/00

Scott County - Winfield City Hall, 4/18/00

Anderson County - Oak Ridge Civic Center, 4/20/00

Fentress County - Jamestown, York Institute, 4/24/00

Scott County - Huntsville City, County Bldg, 4/25/00

McCreary County - Stearns Railway Depot, 4/27/00