Erosion on State Route 840

The three photos on the right are yet another example of TDOT's inability to manage proper erosion control on the construction site of State Route 840 between I-40 and Hwy. 100 in Williamson and Dickson counties. This last violation of the Water Quality Control Act occurred on Saturday, December 16, 2000. These three pictures are of Peggy Sue Mahil's property. She once had a pristine 3 acre lake with crystal clear water. Now she has a lake full of mud and topsoil. TDOT's response was "it will all dissipate in a few days." True- after it kills all the aquatic life.

The massive amount of mud that found its way into Turnbull Creek once again shut down the Turnbull-Whitebluff Water Utility District. Wright Brothers Construction Company is doing the work (or, apparently, not doing the work) on the project. They have also just been awarded the contract for a section of the road from I-65 south to Thompson Station. Sounds like TDOT is rewarding them for bad behavior!


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