TCWN Membership Benefits

Strength is in numbers and we count our members to be the most important part of our organization. Through your support we can make polluters pay and clean up their mess, we can make sure the state is protecting surface and drinking water resources, and we make sure school children have lead free water to drink for free during the school day.

We advocate on your behalf, but it’s a two-way street.  Reality requires us to pay our bills to make sure you have clean water to drink.

Membership benefits:

  • You have a say.   Your membership gives you voting rights when we make revisions to our by-laws.  You also have voting rights for the selection of board members.
  • You will know what is happening in your community.  When TCWN writes comments to pollution permits in your community, you will get a copy.  If TDEC makes a decision about a development or industry in your community, we will tell you.
  • You are first in line.  You will receive email updates on press releases before the public gets them. You will receive pre-sale or pre-notification of TCWN events before the public gets them.  We will plan membership events in your area. To plan an event, contact Angela Howard at 865.522.7007 x104.
  • You will be represented. TCWN uses the power of the Clean Water Act to protect water resources and public health.  Should there be a pollution event in your community, you can be a standing witness for the case and help us make the polluter pay.
  • You and your children will have access to free drinking water options and protected from lead contamination.  Our program Bringing Tap Back encourages Tennesseans to drink less sugary beverages and replace them with water. We have installed over 100 bottle refill stations statewide.  One of BTB’s projects, Sodabriety works with school aged children to influence good drinking habits in their early years.  We are working in 6 school districts statewide to install 2 filtered bottle refill stations in each public school. Our goal is that all schools in Tennessee will have a these filtered water options so our children will not be exposed to  lead. Your gift will help us meet that goal.

To claim your benefits now, click here and thank you for becoming part of the solution.

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